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Nginx error_page - not working


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I am running my PS 152 on nginx and it works otherwise fine. The only thing is that the error pages are displayed the nginx default. Not only that it is not redirecting but even the error page doesn't open if I navigate there directly:








None of these work, it always gives the nginx default error page. How can I first get the error page working, and how to redirect to the page once I have got it working (there are so many .ini and .conf files in the server, many of them with identical contents, would be grateful to find out the correct file).

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You should configure on your apache/ngnix if you are using default error pages or not.


Perhaps this topic will help you or your server admin to configure the nginx correctly. http://serverfault.com/questions/354803/nginx-custom-404-error-page-for-virtual-host


or at least this one, more specific: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1024199/nginx-customizing-404-page

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