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Webservice Authentication Problem


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Hello there,


I try to develop a desktop application on c# which connect to website database via webservice. 

I added a web service to my site and acctivated it. when i try this service on browser it is asking me authentication code 

over and over again.


I research this subject on forums and google, there are some solution which i can find. I tried these solution but 

i was not successful. My prestashop version is


following solutions that i tried before;


  1. pass the authentication code inside of URL.
    http://www.example.com/api/?ws_key=[authentication code]
  2. recreate of .htaccess file
  3. add some code into .htaccess and webservice/dispacher.php files 
    for example : 
    and i tried this modification


i dont have any idea about php i just wanted to use web service of a website. please anyone has idea about this problem answer me. :)


thank you in advance

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