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Call category list in custom module


Hey all,


I want to display the category list in my module like presta shop does.





After searching i have found the code to call the menu should be in the function getParentsCategories();

But I'm not able to call the list like i marked above.


Code i tried:

// Define id_category
$id_category = $this->category->id;

// Initialize object Category
$category = new Category((int)$id_category);

// Get array parent from the initialized object Category
$array_parent = $category->getParentsCategories();

So i need the php code to display the category menu in my module.


Thanks in advance!

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With getParentsCategories, you only get the direct parents of a specific category, which is one branch of the tree. I expect you want the whole tree, so maybe better use the code they use in back office, catalog->products->edit product (associations tab)


from controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php



$tree = new HelperTreeCategories('associated-categories-tree', 'Associated categories');
    'category_tree' => $tree->render()


For full use how to implement it, look in the file.





and then in your tpl file something like:


<div id="category_block">
My 2 cents,

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Indeed i looked at the wrong function


i do not use a .tpl file for this part of back-office so i tried to put it into a variable which results in nothing.


using the following code in my datasheetpro.php also results in a empty variable.

$helper = new HelperTreeCategories('categories-treeview');
$category_tree = $helper->render();

echo 'TEST: '.$category_tree;

any idea ?

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i found the following code:



public static function getCategoryTree($id_product,$id_lang){
	$root = Category::getRootCategory();
	$selected_cat = Product::getProductCategoriesFull($id_product, $id_lang);
	$tab_root = array('id_category' => $root->id, 'name' => $root->name);
	$helper = new Helper();
	$category_tree = $helper->renderCategoryTree($tab_root, $selected_cat, 'categoryBox', false, true, array(), false, true);
	return $category_tree;
$id_test = Configuration::get('PS_ROOT_CATEGORY');
$txt .= '<div> TEST: '.$this->getCategoryTree($id_test, $id_lang).' </div>

This gives me this as result:



but not a full tree for some reason ?

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Sorry for reopening this thread. I try to list category tree list, I use the code below, but this code list with radio buttons, and i need checkbox buttons, like in picture from first post. I dont want to use any .tpl file.


           'type'  => 'categories',
           'label' => $this->l('Product Category'),
           'desc'    => $this->l('Product Category.'),  
           'name'  => 'category',
           'tree'  => array(
                'id' => 'category',
                'selected_categories' => array((int)Configuration::get('category')),


Does anyone know how to do that?

Thank you!

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