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WebAPI mandatory fields on PUT request


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I'm updating product quantity. I know i must send id_product and id_product_attribute, but what for all others?

Now i'm sending id_product, id_product_attribute and quantity. Server respond what depends_on_stock and out_of_stock fields are mandatory. HOW SHOULD I KNOW THOSE VALUES? If i'm modifying only 1 parameter why i must update also all other values?
Now i must GET stock information, carve all useless information only to update values that i don't care? It doesn't make any sense

The same problem is with PUT product->active value. I'm changing products name so i MUST also update active value - what for? I don't care it is active or not - i want only to change name.

I understand that all those values are mandatory on POST request, but why on PUT?

Sorry for my bad english

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