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Get value Product_Wholesale_Price


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In / admin / themes / default / template / controllers / orders / _product_line.tpl you can get the selling price like this:

{assign var=product_price value=$product['unit_price_tax_incl']}

But, how can I get the Wholesale Price?


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Thanks for the answer! But how can I create the variable and then insert it? for example, the variable for the Product Price with TAX it is generated like this:

{if ($order->getTaxCalculationMethod() == $smarty.const.PS_TAX_EXC)}
	{assign var=product_price value=($product['unit_price_tax_excl'] + $product['ecotax'])}
	{assign var=product_price value=$product['unit_price_tax_incl']}

Then it is called to appear in the table like this:

<span class="product_price_show">{displayPrice price=$product_price currency=$currency->id}</span>

How can I do the same with the purchase price?



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