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VAT Management module (Prestashop official) bug ?


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This module assign a var to smarty to check  if VAT is enable or not, but seems only implemented in AdressController in this private method, so if i use one step authentication, the code below is not called and vatManagement.js does not work because missing variable, someone else got this bug in 1.6 ?

		if (typeof vatnumber_ajax_call !== 'undefined' && vatnumber_ajax_call)
	protected function assignVatNumber()
		$vat_number_exists = file_exists(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.'vatnumber/vatnumber.php');
		$vat_number_management = Configuration::get('VATNUMBER_MANAGEMENT');
		if ($vat_number_management && $vat_number_exists)

		if ($vat_number_management && $vat_number_exists && VatNumber::isApplicable((int)Tools::getCountry()))
			$vat_display = 2;
		elseif ($vat_number_management)
			$vat_display = 1;
			$vat_display = 0;

			'vatnumber_ajax_call' => file_exists(_PS_MODULE_DIR_.'vatnumber/ajax.php'),
			'vat_display' => $vat_display,
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