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SQL guru help needed


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I am trying to run a SQL query on my database to show all products and their respective features and feature values.


This is where I am but as I get the feature but every possible value for that feature - how do I limit it to just the ones used

by the product.


Sorry for my poor SQL skills.




Select pl.name, fl.name

From ps_product_lang pl
LEFT JOIN ps_feature_product fp
ON (pl.id_product = fp.id_product)
LEFT JOIN ps_feature_lang fl
ON (fp.id_feature = fl.id_feature)
LEFT JOIN ps_feature_value fv
ON (fl.id_feature = fv.id_feature)





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Try this. Should work. You may have to change the id_lang value for whatever language your store is:


select a.id_product, a.name as product_name,
           d.name as feature_name,
           c.value as feature_value
from ps_product_lang a, ps_feature_product b, ps_feature_value_lang c, ps_feature_lang d
where a.id_lang = 2
and a.id_product = b.id_product
and b.id_feature_value = c.id_feature_value
and a.id_lang = c.id_lang
and b.id_feature = d.id_feature
and a.id_lang = d.id_lang


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