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PS bankwire installed but wont display

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Hi, any ideas as to why bankwire wont display as a choise of payment, have installed it and added the correct details. 


I have other payments working fine, paypal and COD.


Even then i place a order, i can change it in the backend to choose bankwire and it email the customer, waiting for bankwire.


i have removed all ways of payments and installed them again. Still no luck.


Payment with check does the same thing.



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Group restrictionsBank wireDeluxe

Direct DebitDirect

Deposit or CODPayPalVisitorGuestCustomer


all enabled.



Please mark each checkbox for the currency, or currencies, in which you want the payment module(s) to be available.

Currency restrictions Bank wire Deluxe Direct Debit Direct Deposit or COD PayPal Dollar -- Customer currency -- -- -- Shop default currency -- -- --
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