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Uninstall module programatically


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I am implementing a module A. I want this module to replace another existing module B already installed on Prestashop


So I am looking for a way for module A to uninstall module B while installing module A.


How could I do it please ?





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Maybe easiest to look what they call when clicking the uninstall button:




http://www.yourdomain.com/<your admin folder>/index.php?controller=AdminModules&token=16edaa36c836a97bd62f7212f54a2d80&uninstall=<your module to uninstall>&tab_module=<tab of module where it's been installed on>&module_name=s<module name>&anchor=<module name>


(For more examples, just right click on uninstall menu item of a module in back office->Modules->modules and click 'copy link')



Give it a try.


My 2 cents,


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