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Technical Modules Add-on store requirements (Overrides)


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Hi there,


I'm well on my way to build my first public module (simple one, just for fun) that I'm planning on throwing in the PS addons-store.


Lets just say that this module stops users from going into the ordering steps (after getting the shopping cart summary) based on some settings that I'm offering in the store owner.


The issue I have is that (in order to guarantee the working of my module) I need to use overrides (basically I override the OrderControllerCore to see in what step the user is (address details, shipping or payment) and redirect the user to a "sorry, but you cannot order" view.tpl that I'm building, based on the aforemended settings.


This all works properly with an override, no problem.


In the development docs the PS Staff wrote (link)


It is not recommended to use an override in a module that you intend to distribute (for instance through the PrestaShop Addons marketplace), and they are forbidden in partner modules.


Questions 1: 

Will the use of an override be reason for rejecting my submission to the Prestashop addon store? 


Question 2:

I understand that overrides are not the most elegant way to solve it, but as far as I know this is the ONLY way to offer the functionality that was described. Does anyone disagree? Why?


Thanks in advance, would be great if a prestashop store official could respond to this




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