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[Solved] PS v1.5.6,2 Product Comments not works


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Hi everybody,


The productcomment module do not works, when i try to make a comment on every product the system respond :


invalid costumer name

invalid comment



I've test the solution found in github : https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/9377775eca428c7022abd4bfa301ef83c8b108b8


But do not works, so i've uploaded the product comment module from another PS installazione where it works correctly, now i've the ver, 3.3.4, post-470437-0-08393400-1432404562_thumb.jpg, everything do not works for me.


Website : www.casa-esclusiva.com


Someone have any clue ?



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I've solved the problem in PrestaShop v1.5.x


First : Follow solution in Github : https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/9377775eca428c7022abd4bfa301ef83c8b108b8

( I use productcomment v3.3.4 and the fix is already done ).


Second: Correct the tpl file inside your theme folder modules/productcomments/productcomments.tpl

( as indicate in Github )


Third ( i've lost many time to solve this stupid problem ) : check if inside your theme folder there is a sub-folder named js where there are the javascript of your themes, you can find inside another productcomment/productcomments.js file that override the default js file. So you need to modify this file as suggested in github and the problem could be solved.




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