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Creating default object from empty value in /override/controllers/front/OrderOpcController.php on li


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Today, there were errors in the log file:


PHP Warning:  Creating default object from empty value in /override/controllers/front/OrderOpcController.php on line 673


I open this file, in line 673

     * Assign template vars related to page content
     * @see FrontController::initContent()
    public function initContent()
        if (Tools::getValue('ajax') == 'true')
        $this->name_file = Tools::substr(basename(__FILE__), 0, Tools::strlen(basename(__FILE__)) - 4);
        $id_country = Tools::GetValue('id_country') ? Tools::GetValue('id_country') : Configuration::get('PS_COUNTRY_DEFAULT');
        $id_tmp_addr = $this->context->cart->id_address_delivery;
        $address_delivery = NULL;
        $country = new Country($id_country);
        if (Validate::isLoadedObject($country) && !$country->contains_states){
673 >                $address->id_state = 0;



Does anyone know how to fix the error?


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It's actually not an ERROR - it's PHP warning you that it defaulted a value that was left empty. In practice this means someone didn't select a state (empty value), so the system is initializing the value so that the database will stay in sync - it defaulted to 0.


This is already, php warnings are what they are, warnings. This warning is expected. If you truly want to 'remove' the warning add additional validation to your Frontoffice / backoffice page to block "empty" state.

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