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Link Ajax Cart to other_default image other than CART_DEFAULT


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Dear all!




just upgraded to 1.6 and I cannot see any images within the ajax cart, 

When I hoover over it, it doesn't display the small pics like before in our 1.5 prestashop.


I know it uses cart_default pics, and that I do not have any files in the IMG/P/..... with that name.


We have more than 3000 products and I do not want for the time being to create a SCRIPT to place a cart_Default.jpg copied from the SMALL_DEFAULT.JPG in each of the hundreds of recursive subfolders.





How does Ajax cart know that it has to get CART_DEFAULT? (where is it in the code or in the DB? or in both?)

Is there a way to tell Ajax cart to get SMALL_DEFAULT instead of CART_DEFAULT, when hoovering over it?




Many thanks in advance to all of you whom keep this magical stuff up!



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Maybe try to (re-)generate these images first, before editing anything:


- Preferences->Images, scroll down to Re-generate

-  Choose for 'select an Image': Products

- Choose for 'Select a format': cart_default

- Press the Regenerate thumbnails button (bottom right)


See if that helps.


My 2 cents,


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