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Choose template based on URL


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I've created a new module using the PS documentation. All works ok. Now I want to take this further and display a different template depending on the URL input.


I know I can pass a key in the URL and then code for the value in the module controller to show a different template based on the key, but this means I have to show the key in the URL.


I can create a new URL by going to BO->Preferences->SEO & URLs and select the module from the list only once. Is there any way to select add in the same module more than once, but give it a different rewrite-url?


Basically, I'm trying to get away from creating the same module three times but calling a different template for each one and have a different URL.

Thanks for any help.

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Thanks for your answer but I'm unsure how this would solve my issue.


- I have one module


- my rewrite URL is setup in BO->Preferences->SEO & URLs. I've called it "segment".


- The three links on my homepage are:


www.mysite.com/segment-test1 - should show template 1

www.mysite.com/segment-test2 - should show template 2

www.mysite.com/segment-test3 - should show template 3


What I want to do is show in the address bar is either www.mysite.com/segment-test1 OR www.mysite.com/segment-test2 OR www.mysite.com/segment-test3 and show the correct template. As these URL's don't actually exist I would get a 404.


However I can only have one URL which would be www.mysite.com/segment, as this is what is setup in BO->Preferences->SEO & URLs.


I don't want to go down the route of modifying the .htaccess file manually since this could be overwritten if I regenerate it.


All I'm looking for is a tidy UR.

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I believe .htaccess is the solution here.


Prestashop is regenerating .htaccess only between # ~~start~~ and # ~~end~~ blocks. So if you place your rules before # ~~start~~, it will stay there and will work correct.

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Does anyone know how I could set this up. Can't seem to get the url working after editing the .htaccess file.


My module is located in www.mysite.com/modules/althome and is based on the PS documentation on how to create a module. Has anyone created a new module before and then created a rewrite in the .htaccess file?


The rule in my .htaccess file is:


RewriteRule ^testmod$ %{ENV:REWRITEBASE}module/althome/display?page=$1

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