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How to run custom php code in prestashop 1.6


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Since php tags no longer work inside smarty, how can I run php code from my prestashop site?  I have a php script that checks users location and if in a certain area it will call a javascript function that displays a warning.


Since I can't add this code directly to my .tpl files, how can run the script from within prestashop.  It should work on all pages, incase someone enters the site from outside the landing page.  Also, can I make the script only run once, so that if a user has been to any store page already the code is just ignored?


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I think I would try to would make a small template 'plugin' and use that to get the answer of in/outside the area. Then based on the answer run some javascript.


This was quite a clear example for me:



My 2 cents,



P.S. smarty var in JS: http://iamrookie.com/blog/296/using-smarty-variable-within-javascript-or-jquery-function.html

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