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How do you ensure security when hiring PS developers


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I am looking to hire some developers to do customizations of my store. Mainly using some agency or freelancing provider.


I Am sure they would do a good job and have good references but since we will be dealing with CC transactions and so on, how is the way one can insure that the final store is safe and does not has any sort of back code?


Or is there a way just to restrict access to non critical functions when customizing the store?

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What I would recommmend (if this is really important to you) is that you hire someone to do an audit. The contract with your freelancer should state that they will need to pass audit before final payment. I've been on all 3 ends of the deal (buyer, freelancer, auditor) and usually that works best as there's a full trust circle that way.


Although, for small shops with small budgets this might be a bit much.

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