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Wanted: Attributes that work in ranges (for Sock Shop)


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Hi there,


I am using prestashop for selling socks. Now I have a problem with the SIZES attributes, because socks have RANGES in the sizes. And differtent brand socks use different ranges. For example (european sizes)


Sock 1 : size 34 - 36

Sock 2 : size 35 - 38

Sock 3 : size 33 - 36



What I want is an option to select your shoesize in my shop and that is shows the socks that are suitable for your shoesize.

But I DONT want a STOCK for every different shoesize. Because of the ranges there is just 1 Stock.


Any suggestions?



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I am not sure if I understood what you need...? You want to filter in the product page, by including a size selector somehow and then showing only combinations that suit to that size? Or do you want to include this filter elsewhere (layerednavigation, for instance)?



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