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Upgrade module that override classes.


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I develope one module (my_module 1.0.0) for PS version and this module have my_module/override/classes/Search.php

In that file I have exactly copy of core function 'find' with one additional line added.


Now I upgrade my PS to latest version and I see core file /classes/Search.php has some modification in 'find' function.

So I want to prepare right now upgrade of my_module to version 1.0.1 for PS

How to do it right way?

1. Increase my_module version to 1.0.1
2. Copy body of /classes/Search.php 'find' function and paste to /my_module/override/classes/Search.php + add my one modified line.

3. Zip all and send to addons market


Should I set somewhere that 1.0.1 is just for PS and older version 1.0.0 is for PS


Next issue I'm not sure is what about customers that bought my_module 1.0.0 and upgrade PS to

If that customer start upgarde my_module to 1.0.1 does his old /override/classes/Search.php be changed with new my_module/override/classes/Search.php file?


Also when I send my_module 1.0.1 to addons marketplace only this version will be buyable and what if customer that has PS installed buy my_module 1.0.1?

I think in marketplace should be somewhere option to set my_module 1.0.0 can be bought for PS and my_module 1.0.1 can by bought for PS Is that doable in marketplace?


I'm losta a little with that version issues. Can someone clarify that to me?




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