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Giving Manufacturer Access to Update Products


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Hi All,


I have a client that has a huge Warehouse that sells clothing via around 400+ manufacturers.  We are almost done building the ecommerce store for this client, and afterwards comes another phase of the project:


He wants the manufacturers to have access to the store and add/update their own products, with images, text, etc...


I was wondering if anyone has had experience with this type of requirement and can share what ideas/direction you came up with to best do this.  Requirements are:


1. Each manufacturer should have access to his/her own products only - No viewing, editing of other products allowed.

2. The manufactuer must be able to manage their products with all relevant information (images, text, PDF file if needed, etc..) - (Here, I'm leaning to just a manufacturer having access to almost all

3. The manufacturer should be able to see his/her own sale numbers/stats only, (customer service doesn't have to come into play here, but it can be an optional thing to have). No viewing of other manufacturers info.





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