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1 copy of a product free


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I want to give 1 copy of a product free.


For a 1$ product  :

if a customer takes 1 copy : 0.00$

he takes 2 copy : 1$

he takes 3 copy : 2$


And this free product will change twice a week.


Please help me !




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Make a cart rule for the week:


Information info-tab:

- Choose name

-  Don't add code, so that it will be automatically added

- Highlight NO (Will be automatically added, so unnecessary)

- Partial use NO

- priority: 1

- Status: YES  (i.e. cart rule is active)



- Set validity period (one week)

- minimum amount: 1$

- total available: 9999999 or amount of maximum free gifts you want to give

- total available for each user: 9999, or maybe 1 if you want only 1 gift per client

- restrictions:

     - product selection:

          - at least 1 products

          - rule concerning: Products and click ADD button.

          - Choose the 1$ product you want to give as a free gift

          - (The chosen product will be shown in the greyish product field)

Action field:

           - Discount: Amount

           - 1 $



What it does: if you have at least one of the selected product(s) in your basket, this rule will trigger, and will give a discount of 1$ (Same price as one product). So if you have 3 of these products, you still will get a 1$ discount only, exactly as you wanted.




If you allow one user to use this free gift many times, then you can just  update this cart rule. Then change the validity period (change to 'next week') and change which 1$ product you want to give as free gift.


However, if you only allow 1 gift per user, then you have to make a NEW cart rule with the above settings every time, otherwise the old user cannot get the free gift of next week (as it used this (invisible) code already the previous week.


Hope this helps,


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