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Adding stuff in BackOffice


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I am new to this forum and to prestashop as a whole, so, please, forgive my ignorance and just bear with me.


I am trying to learn the intrincacies of prestashop by developing a module which, ideally, should tie a discount ticket code to a given employee. The idea, for now, is to create the ticket "by hand", and then put the ticket code in a new field I created in the employees table (let's call that field) "seller_code". That part is done, and works, more or less.


Then, an sql query will list some info joined from many tables, the details are not relevant. SQL is not a problem.


The part I am stuck with is: the module should display the result of the query (and allow filtering, printing, etc. but that's for a later stage) at the bottom of the employees backoffice page, below the employees options or wherever, but I have no idea how to "hook" there. I've been searching for a couple of days and I haven't found a way to hook on this concrete backoffice tab. Maybe I am just to lame to be able to recognise the thing when I find it. Or maybe it's not "hooks" what I should be looking at.


Can someone point me in the right direction?


I can write the code, I just don't know where or what hehe. 


Thanks beforehand for any hint you can give me.

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The employee page is created using the file /controller/adminAdminEmployeesController.php


It uses a helper form:

/<your admin folder>/themes/default/template/controllers/employees/helpers/form/form.tpl


In the controller, you could add some smarty assigned variable:


$this->context->smarty->assign('yourvar', $yourPHPGeneratedSQLResultVar);
Then maybe simplest is to directly add in the helper form the {$yourvar} to display the value of your $yourPHPGeneratedSQLResultVar on the page.
Hope it works, hope it helps,
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