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I have used  Wordpress earlier where there are tonnes of free plugins. Right now i am searching for a Button plugin, but i cannot find a free one. Does Prestashop provide enough free plugins, and if yes, then please tell where to find them? I am new to Prestashop and feeling a bit lost as i am used to too many free plugins in Wordpress. Also, can we use Wordpress plugins here in Prestashop?


Any help will be highly appreciated.



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Prestashop have some free plugins but much less in number then WordPress and also they are nowhere near organised 

like in WordPress. But most of free ones for Prestashop is good written and useful.


There  is Free module section , but could you explain what you mean by Buttons plugin ?

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I wanted to insert a "button" like "add-to-cart". I know i can do it by writing <button> tag and applying some css styles on it, but it is pretty tiring stuff. 


In Wordpress, we have 1 liner shortcodes to include various types of custom-made buttons. Is there anything like that present in Prestashop? Also, as asked above, can i use Wordpress plugins somehow in Prestashop?



Btw, thanks for the quick reply.

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Not sure if something like that exist, but custom module can be made that adds that "button".


You can check for example Wishlist module https://github.com/PrestaShop/blockwishlist/blob/master/blockwishlist.php

have hookProductAction function that adds wishlist button next to add to cart.


There is module for shortcodes but it is paid https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/348881-prestashop-short-code/ .


And sorry missed that question, but no, you can't use WorPress plugins in Prestashop. 

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