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How to hide attribute options for non existing attribute combinations


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I beg for pardon already here, because I am most probably not the first person requesting what I will - but I haven't found anything which would have resolved my issue. Please forgive me.


The shop owner offers certain product combinations from different product attributes.

There are some product combinations which simply do not exists and cannot be sold as selectable from the attribute options.


Once the client chooses a combination which doesn't exist, there is an advice box which tells the user that the selected combination doesn't exist.



Once one of the product attribute options is changed by the client, the unavailable combination options from the other product attributes should be hidden in the different attribute selectors - instead of advising the client that a combination doesn't exist.

How can I get this done? Is there already something which we can use?


Thank you very much for your attention.


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You are not reading my post correctly then.


Attribute Wizard -- resolves your issue


I included a warning that Attribute Wizard Pro does not.


Despite the very similiar names these are two very different modules -- having the almost identical names has led to confusion so I was trying to warn you about that.




Just to be clear I assume your issue is the following.


Product is available in <small, medium, and large> it is also available in <red and blue> but there is no large blue option. If a customer chooses large you want blue to disappear as an option -- if this is a correct understanding of your problem then Attribute Wizard does solve this problem


Here is a demo of it doing exactly that http://demo.presto-changeo.com/attributewizard/tshirts/1-faded-short-sleeve-tshirts.html

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