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Problem With Shipping Recognising Total Cart Value


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Hi all, I hope this finds you well.


I'm a musician, I've been working on my merchandise site for the best part of a week. I'm finally getting close to the end and have run into an annoying hurdle.


Initially when I selected a product and did a test run through the checkout it would offer me free shipping with excitement.


This was the complete opposite to the shipping rules that I'd painstakingly set up. Making sure that the price parameters were all in the correct order.


Luckily I've manage to fix this by now adding a warehouse in. Don't know why it worked, it just did.


Trouble is now I have a new problem. I'll explain it best I can.


A wristband on my site is £3 with postage of £1.50. When I select this all is well.

A T Shirt on my site is £18 with postage of £3.50. When I select this there's no problem.


If I try to buy both of them together the site insists on charging me £5 despite the fact that I know that I set the £3.50 shipping cost to operate within the £14 - £29 price bracket.


If I try to add two t shirts or two wristbands for instance there's no trouble but separate products attempt to charge separate shipping fees and then add it together at the end.


I've tried too many things to name so I'd really appreciate someone with some experience giving me a hand before I smash my laptop and go to live on an island without technology.


My site is currently at http://www.ShaoDowMusic.com/prestashop


It is version 1.6 and I'm attempting to use the basic Prestashop shipping module.


Thank you kindly




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Hi ShaoDow,


Can yo describe exactly how you would like to have it in the end?


I expect you don't need, (and don't want!) a warehouse, as it complicates things unnecessarily.


So please describe how you want it to work, like:


0.00 -14.00 : 1,50

14.00 - 29.00: 3.50

29.00-xx.xx" XX.XX



If you have different prices for different countries (zones), also include in your description.


In simplest form, you normally don't add any shipping to any product, and don't normally need use warehouses. Only when you HAVE 2 or more different warehouses where you ship from, you should use this. You jut add either price or weight ranges to a carrier, select the zones it can ship to, and add the prices for each range.



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This is what I was toying with. I'm still tweaking it.


I'm not so bothered about having a warehouse as it doesn't seem to show on the Front end of the system and as long as it fixes the problem of offering all my merchandise with free shipping I'm fine with it.


I think I may have fixed the current problem I'm having difficulty with. It seems you have to turn off advanced stock management for your products.


Again, I have no idea how or why this works, but it does. If anyone has any more reliable solutions though I'd love to hear them.

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