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Problem with Swiftmailer


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I`m asking for your advice as i`m unable to solve this Swiftmailer problem. So... here is what i need.


When an email is sent via the prestashop (new order, order confirmation, etc) the email is sent using toos/swift (swiftmailer). Now this swiftmailer interprets emails based on their content, but even when the body has only plain text and even when you set the emails to be sent as TEXT ONLY, the swiftmailer sends out this emails as content-type:multipart/alternative.


Now, this is a problem, as i want the emails to be sent as content-type:text/plain  and not as content-type:multipart/alternative


I tried changing the line of codes inside swift, but no luck so far. 


I will be waiting for your messages. Thanks a lot.

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