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Adding parts of a module blocks to a page


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Hi Guys,

I'm trying to add a countdown window to my product page that is used in the auction module. One of the css files in the auction module mentions "#product #countdown_block", however, I don't know how to place this into the product's description. for a bit of context, here's an extra of the product list that displays countdowns:


I would like to add this to the centre section (before where the bidding amounts are entered) on the product page:


Any thoughts?


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Seems that the module adds some javascript to the product-list.php file (probably by some hook). To do something similar to the product detail page, you have to add some similar hook-code to the appropriate hook in the /modules/<auction module>/<auction module>.php file


As far as I see on the product detail page, the auction module already adds the bidding input field to the page, so I expect you can easily add the countdown code of the product list page to this already defined product detail-hook. You may have to add/define some smarty variables that are also given to the product list page as well, so that the product detail page knows them too.


If this is all abracadabra for you, Personal message (PM) me, and I can maybe edit the file for you. Shouldn't be too much work, I assume.




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