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Product subcategories hidden in top menu, I do not want CMS subcategories hidden


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I have hidden product subcategories in the top menu of my 1.6 prestashop by adding to the global.css this:


#block_top_menu ul li li ul {display:none!important;}


I achieved what I wanted, hide the products subcategories, but now even CMS subcategories are hidden. How can I avoid that?


Thanks a lot!!

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You could use nth-child, like this for example:


If your Categories are the first 5 elements in the main menu, and after that you have the cms pages, you could use:


#block_top_menu ul li:nth-child(-n+5) li ul {

    display: none!important;

You could also make other combinations to select all main items, if they are mingled with the cms or so. Then just add a second path to the css code, like:
#block_top_menu ul li:nth-child(-n+3) li ul,
#block_top_menu ul li:nth-child(5) li ul {

    display: none!important;

to select the first three and the fifth main item only. Be creative :-)
More example on how to use nth-child for example here:
Hope this helps,
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