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USPS Module's Shipping cost doesn't vary according to distance

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Hi, we are using USPS carrier module, and it seems like the shipping calculations are off. 

Regardless of the distance from the store, shipping cost is calculated to be $5.95, and it doesn't change even if the location nor the weight is changed. 


We are using Priority Mail in Commmercial Rate, 

Packaging Size is Regular, Type is SM flat rate box, Machinable True, and Calculation Mode is All in one package.


It looks like the shipping price is fixed at the base price, and it won't change based on the calculations.


If we could get a possible solution that would be awesome.





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isn't $5.95 the small flat rate fee for USPS?  it sounds like USPS is returning you the small flat rate fee all the time. 


are you providing weight and/or package dimensions for your products?  how have you configured the USPS carrier module?

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If you set to flat rate that`s what you will get, change to own package and this will not happen.


Also do a search for Machinable in shipping and make sure you fit that criteria.


Thank you but my packaging type is on "variable" and the price change when we order more than one item but not the way it should.. It just add 2 the shipping fees, it doesn't add up with the weight of the item...

for 2 posters let's say, it will tell me 12$ shipping... if it's 10 posters it will be $59,50, instead of just adding only the weight of the item.... 

and i put the packaging weight when i configure the usps module... :/ 

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This is most likely because the weight of the posters, shipping will be set as


1-1lbs excluding 1

1-2lbs excluding 2

2-3lbs excluding 3


So if the weight for 1 poster was .0515 lets say 10 posters would only weight .515 so still the same shipping cost.

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