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Update Quantity in CSV Combinations


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Hi eeverybody!

In a few words here's my situation:


I'm managing a shoes shop with 'round 1000 products, 10 combinations each product more or less, so the Combinations CSV counts around 10000 lines.


I'm using the column "Reference" to update the quantity, without any kind of trouble.


The problem is that the CSV Combinations stops to upload after more or less 1000 lines (when I'm lucky) so I have to cut off the file in 5-6 parts.


Is it a matter of Prestashop?


My internet connection?


What could be the solutions to upload just one unique file?


Thanks in advance









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Did it get any better, or still the same?


Not sure where to look further... Is there anything useful in the server log files? Check with your host if they can guide you here a little. Where to find these log/error files, where to look for clues etc.


My next 2 cents

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It's actually still the same..

I get in contact with my host and they said that from the server log the operations last too much "mod_fcgid: read data timeout in 600 seconds" even if they put









so to the maximum allowed on my host.


Do you think that the operations with around 3000 lines (ID, Reference, Value, Attibutes, Quantity) can last so long?


i'm struggling to find a solution

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Here's a thought. You should have only one image in the combinations csv for each style of shoe.


So if you have 10 sizes in a combination, only the first combination should have an image, with the other 9 having no image as these sizes and hence images are all for the same style of shoe.


This should speed things up as the import function won't have create 1 image for each shoe size,  only 1 per shoe style.


Try it out and let me know how you get on.

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Hi and thanks again for your suggestion


Unfortunately it's not a matter of images, as all of the photos are uploaded in the Product CSV. 


In the Combination CSV I have only 5 column: ID, Reference, Attribute, Value and Quantity.

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What version of PS are you using?


An example of a file that I know works for PS 1.6 is below. My columns are separated by a pipe (|).




It may also be a timeout issue with the script stopping after the timeperiod set in the php.ini or a similar apache setting.


Another option may be to run the import from the command line (outwith the browser), which will not timeout and could be scheduled by cron. I don't know if there are any modules out there that do that. We had to create this manually using a modified import script, which works well.

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