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Hello everybody,

Let's just start by telling you that I am a total newbie.

I have a major problem.

I receive the message:


This page is not available

We're sorry, but the Web address you've entered is no longer available."


everytime I try to add a product subcategory or a menu subcategory.


I use the current prestashop version with the theme http://addons.prestashop.com/en/high-tech/18953-jms-audio.html


Any advice is great. Thank you.

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Hi Stefan,


- Do you have a link to your site?

- What is the exact URL of the 404 page you get?

- Did you recently turn on/off Friendly URL's? (at Preferences->SEO & URL's, scroll down a little)



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If you turn OFF the friendly URLs, and reload the page and add a subcategory, does it then work? Maybe some problem in .htaccess file, or some old cache


So maybe also clear your browser's cache and cookies for the site.


Let me know,


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