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Sort order attachments in the front end


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I've modified the product.tpl to show attachments only to registered users. However, I'm looking for a way to show the first attachment without registering.


I've found this piece of code.


{if $smarty.foreach.attachments.first}


However, prestashop in the back office seems to order the attachments by ID.


Can anyone point me in the direction where to modify this? How can I sort by order of upload on product level?

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Well the attachment IDs are actually given by order of upload (if i correctly understood what you mean by "order of upload"), in the sense that if i upload attachment a first, it will get ID=1 and then upload attachment b, it will get ID=2.


Maybe the "first attachment" you are trying to show guests also has a specific mime type that the other attachmennts don't have? If so you could

{if $attachment.mime == "application/pdf"} or whatever mime type would be correct.


Or, even simpler, add a specific word to the extension name you're trying to show everyone then you could

{if $attachment.name|strstr:"[sPECIFIC_WORD]"}

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