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[SOLVED] Load Time - Show load time on front office


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you can use tools like pingdom , gtmetrix or webpagetest for front office. This is generally a better way to test since it will not take into account any browser caching from your machine. Also google's pagespeed insights (as well as dev console on chrome / firefox) is a great tool to find reasons your shop might be slow (although it will not display specific load times).

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But I expect you want to SHOW the load time on the page, not only find out how much time it takes, right?


If so, do the following:


edit/override file: classes/controllers/FrontController.php

in function construct, add red code:


public function __construct()
    global $timer_start;
    $this->timer_start = $timer_start;
Then in the same file, in function  initFooter, add:
public function initFooter()
    'timer_start' => $this->timer_start,
    'HOOK_FOOTER' => Hook::exec('displayFooter'),


Then in file /index.php, add:


$timer_start = microtime(true);


Finally, edit file:  themes/default-bootstrap/footer.tpl, and add red code, somewhere at the end:


{if isset($HOOK_FOOTER)}
    <!-- Footer -->
        <div class="footer-container">
            <footer id="footer"  class="container">
                <div class="row">{$HOOK_FOOTER}</div>
            <span id="footer-load-time"><i class="icon-time" title="{l s='Load time: '}"></i> {number_format(microtime(true) - $timer_start, 3, '.', '')}s</span>
    <!-- #footer -->
Code is almost similar to admin timer, so I expect that is what you needed,
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