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Smarty directory variable is empty


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I can't seem to find my issue.  On my test.tpl page I only have


And it appear to be empty.


However this block of code works just fine.


{if $coffee == 'good'}

Am i missing something to use these variables?

$img_ps_dir //URL for the PrestaShop image folder.
$img_cat_dir //URL for the categories images folder.
$img_lang_dir //URL for the languages images folder.
$img_prod_dir //URL for the products images folder.
$img_manu_dir //URL for the manufacturers images folder.
$img_sup_dir //URL for the suppliers images folder.
$img_ship_dir //URL for the carriers (shipping) images folder.
$img_dir //URL for the theme’s images folder.
$css_dir //URL for the theme’s CSS folder.
$js_dir //URL for the theme’s JavaScript folder.
$tpl_dir //URL for the current theme’s folder.
$modules_dir //URL the modules folder.
$mail_dir //URL for the mail templates folder.
$pic_dir //URL for the pictures upload folder

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The $tpl_dir is defined in classes/controller/FrontController.php, so if your tpl is called through the front controller or any of it's extended classes (i.e. all controllers for the front end of your shop...) , it should be known.


How do you get to your tpl file?



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Currently this is only a admin configure page.  But I use

return $this->display(__FILE__, 'settings.tpl');


To call the page in the "function getContent()".


Is there anyway to get these using the administration area?

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Well in not called through a controller, you could always add the smarty variable yourself, just before the call to tpl file:


    'tpl_dir' => _PS_THEME_DIR_,



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