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Disable OPC module on mobile theme


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Using Prestashop


I'm looking for a way to disable a OPC-module from the mobile-theme (its not the original OPC).

A global smarty variable like {if $isMobile} code code code {/if} is not the right way, I need to catch this before it actually shows the OPC-template.


I've looked into "mobile.config.inc.php"-file, where I can find these lines:

/* Do not allow One-page Checkout and Guest Checkout with Mobile template */
Configuration::set('PS_ORDER_PROCESS_TYPE', 0);
Configuration::set('PS_GUEST_CHECKOUT_ENABLED', 0);

Is it possible to some how add the module to this and set it's value to 0? Or how do I actually do this? I don't have that much experience from fixing with mobile themes in Prestashop.






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