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Write additional files within hookWatermark


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Hello all,


I'm trying to add webp support for my store. Now, I'd like to create the required images immediately after upload via the hookWatermark. For some reason, however, these fail to materialise: the jpgs show up perfectly, but no webp images can be found in the image directory.


This is the code that is called from this hook:

		$image = new Image($params['id_image']);
		$image->id_product = $params['id_product'];
		foreach ($this->imageTypes as $imageType) // loop over every image type
			$imgBasename = _PS_PROD_IMG_DIR_.$image->getExistingImgPath().'-'.stripslashes($imageType['name']);
			$img = WebPSupport::getImageByType($imgBasename.'.jpg');

			if ($img !== false)
				imagewebp($img, $imgBasename.'.webp');
			} else
				return false;

What am I doing wrong? I'd really appreciate any input on this.

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