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Include blocklayered.tpl inside a custom theme page named product-switch-list.tpl


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Hello Hackers!


I am developing a change product feature, so if any user is on a single product page he or she will be able to change the product without leaving the current page. I was able to override the ProductController.php to achieve that, also I was able to create a new theme page: product-switch-list.tpl which is successfully using the PS pagination, and everything is working cool, the user leaves the current product only and only if he or she clicks on any product from the switch product area inside the custom current single product page.

Now I am trying to include/add three filters inside that product switch area: Gender, Size and Color and I was wondering if it is possible to include the blocklayered.tpl in my custom theme page named: product-switch-list.tpl?

Thanks in advance!

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