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displayhometab fixed position

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hello, I hope to explain the best and sorry for bad English


I successfully modified form themeconfigurator, to bring up the image even under the slide, but I would like the position of the module in question is fixed even if the update module




if I go into modules -> positions -> displayhometab default looks like this


1 Block New Products

2 Featured Products in Home

3 Blocking Bestselling

4 Configurator thema


so just select the configurator of the topic and move it to position 1 ok so far no problem,

but if in case I decide to reset the form and then reinstall it again the entire configuration module of thema no longer in position 1 to position 4, but exist a method (I can not understand how to do) to make sure that if in case upgrade or if I reset the form it remains fixed in position 1?

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