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Fact or FUD?

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Would someone like to explain to me the actual system requirements for PrestaShop, and their rationale?

I keep seeing threads where forum members blame random problems and errors on Mysql4 (apparently it won't work at all, which isn't true). It seems to me that PHP 5.0+ is blatantly wrong, and has been the actual cause of most of the problems; many later rectified. PHP 5.2.x seems pretty rock solid though, and has been all along.

I'd hate to see people running about doing major upgrades on production servers just to meet an arbitrary claim that mysql 5 is required.... a mysql 5 client, now that I can accept (5.0.54 is fine there, with a v4 connector to a 4.1.20 database).

So cards on the table. Which of the new features in MySQL 5 are so essential to PrestaShop? Magento states 4.1.20 or greater, so come on guys, what are you doing that's so bleeding edge? Is this perhaps just a policy decision rather than a technical one?

Enquiring minds need to know before money gets wasted. I'm all poised to write great things about PrestaShop, but lack of response from contact pages, vague/unexplained details and lack of proper (any?) developer documentation are making me (and many others) rightly nervous.


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