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Limit shipping carrier for a product category?

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Hi Everyone,


We are working on a online grocery store and they have multiple product categories (E.g Food, drinks, dessert...). Client is offering local delivery for surrounding area and national delivery. We have set them using some modules.


The problem is that our client cannot ship Fresh Fruit, Vegetable and Frozen products nationally (for obvious reasons). We know we can limit the shipping carrier section when editing products but our client has over hundred Fresh & Frozen products. Is there any way to limit the carrier selection when customer put a fresh product in his cart? so restrict the carrier base on product carrier?

I cannot find any modules or code modification for its need. Does anyone have any idea?


We would greatly appreciate your idea!

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If I were you, I would study the implementation of "per product" restriction and then I would create some automatic mechanism that once the product belongs to category X, to add the specific carrier (in order the rest to be disabled).

Have not implemented it, I express just my thought about the topic. No responsibility for any result.

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