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Lowest combination price in homefeatured


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I want to know how to show always the lowest price (lowest combination price) in the home featured and product_list

I have done it in the product.tpl with the next code:

{if isset($groups)}
   {assign var="precioactual" value=$productPrice}
   {assign var="precio" value=$productPrice}
   {foreach from=$combinations key=idCombination item=combination}
	{assign var="preciocombinacion" value=($product->base_price+$combination.price)*1.21|floatval}								
	{if ($preciocombinacion < $precio)}													
	    {assign var="precioactual" value=$preciocombinacion}
  {convertPrice price=$precioactual}
   {convertPrice price=$productPrice}

But, $combinations seems not to be defined in category or homefeatured.

How can I do it?



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