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Need help displaying CMS content of a pirticular page in two columns


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I'm new to Prestashop and i'm currently stuck at this. On my shop's webpage, we have a list of our distributors mentioned for every country we are serving in. My problem here is I want the page to display this list in two columns instead of one long column/list. Can i get a solution to this problem. Please help me out! Much appreciated


Here's the link to the page to make my question clear.




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Not fully two columns as requested, but a little better:


Edit file /themes/<your theme folder>/css/global.css, and add the following code to the end of the file:



#cms .country-list .sub-head{

    width: 40%;

    display: block;

    float: left;

    border-style: none;

#cms .country-list p {

    width: 60%;

    display: block;

    float: left;

    margin-bottom: 40px;

#cms .country-list p + p {

    margin-left: 40%;

Hope this helps at least a little,
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