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[Webservice] How to get products with two categories associated?


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Hello everybody and thanks for reading this.


We have a working prestashop store with products associated to categories following two trees:


- Models                         - Type of product

   - model A        and        - type A

   - model B                      - type B


A product can belong to model A and type B at the same time (and it will).


In order to advertise our products in other webs, we want to access webservice with a given model and type and obtain the products that are included in both categories. We have successfully got the products when only one of the two given filters are present, by using




$opt = array(
   'resource' => 'products',
   'display'  => '[id,name]',
   'filter[id_category_default]' => '[22]'
// Call
$xml = $webService->get($opt);

But we don't know how to include the second filter in the query, as the second category is inside "associations" block, like in the following product:

   <categories nodeType="category" api="categories">
      <category xlink:href="anyshop.com/api/categories/22">
            <![CDATA[ 22 ]]>
      <category xlink:href="anyshop.com/api/categories/36">
            <![CDATA[ 36 ]]>

Can anybody help?


Thanks a lot in advance


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