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PS 1.6 | OPC Module | Strange Behaviour Returning to Checkout page from PayPal


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I want to start by saying, I am new to the community and to the PrestaShop world :-)

I love the OPC module from the moment I purchased it, truly a great job well done! It's helped increase my conversions and greatly reduce my abandoned carts!


As I have started to get customers completing orders, I've noticed a couple weird things happening.


I'm using PS with the Agile PayPal v1.6.4.2 module as my payment gateway.  URL to my shop: http://araazzurro.com/



Replication Steps (Please see image url below for 2_Return from PayPal Issue):


Customer completes address information on PS Checkout page; Clicks 'Confirm' to go to PayPal; On PayPal site they click 'Cancel' and return to store

1. In my OPC settings, I've disabled Invoice Address; in scenario above, customers previously entered Address info is now appearing in Invoice address (even though disabled) and random sample text is showing in Dleivery Address (I've also disabled Sample Data in my OPC settings)

2. Also, in the Delivery Address info described above, I am now getting an Address2 field (with random sample data).


I don't want the Address2 field appearing,how can I remove this sample data from appearing in the scenario above?



This has caused me some great frustrations and I greatly appreciate any help or guidance, if any of you have seen or experienced the same.


Thank you!



screen-shot URLs of my OPC settings:

1. General Settings - http://snag.gy/5vq4h.jpg

2. Customer Section - http://snag.gy/hbXpi.jpg

3. Delivery Address - http://snag.gy/Jv4fo.jpg

4. Invoice Address - http://snag.gy/hk9tj.jpg

5. System Settings - http://snag.gy/8c0Br.jpg


screen-shot URLs of my checkout page before I go to PayPal and then when I click Cancel and return back to my stores Checkout page:

1. 1_Checkout Page_Submit to PayPal - http://snag.gy/Tv3FR.jpg

2. 2_Return from PayPal Issue - http://snag.gy/t0pbn.jpg









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