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Are you on Prestashop cloud, or have you installed yourself?


If you have installed yourself you have to understand that prestashop is a free open source project - that does not have a formal support system. You can buy support I believe from about $33 per month. Other than that these forums are support but from the community who help when and where we can

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I downloaded myself a couple of versions ago. 


I wanted to do a clean install but the installation stops at 12% making database and so on.


I have seen a lot of messages here at the forum with same problem, but no solution seen yet.


Where does the mail go you send to support then?

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 should be solved without paid support plans.


As I said you need to understand that it is a free open source system. The fact that the vast majority of people manage to install suggests it is not a problem with the software, more likely a problem with your server settings . So why "should" someone sort our your server?


Point us to the thread about your problem and lets see if we can help

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@Naldinho Software where installation is corrupt, thats really ridiculous!


The software is fine. We all have stores using it. If you are having issues it is something specific to your environment or your actions.


Based on the link you provided the problem seems to be with you installing it but you don't give enough information for anyone to help you.


So lets start with some basics -- are you trying to install this on a hosting account or on your own server?


If a hosting account who is the host and what kind of plan do you have?


Also if hosting -- are you executing the install yourself or are you using a one click install solution offered by the host?

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@nalhindo installing myself at a hosting provider that is capable to run the shop. I have running a shop after a few upgrades.


Because of some high loads we wanted to try a clean install, and that is where it went wrong.

I have seen 5-6 messages of people from all over the world having this similar problem (all in this forum), so it seems like there is something wrong with the package.


I have been sending mail through this website, but no one replies to it. My question, where do the messages go?

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I totally understand your frustration with prestashop, and trying to figure out issues all by yrself when they occur, I'm in a similar situation, but there are a few guys on this forum, that do chip in with solutions, also.... if you do a search on this forum, you might find a solution that someone has posted in a previous inquiry.


Although this is an open source script, it is marketed in such a way, that you feel there is unlimited support, and a huge community of users willing to help out... if I had to do it again, i wouldn't use prestashop, and i wouldn't recommend it, unless the person who's running the shop, has some programming knowledge.....


Prestashop, is definitely NOT for the beginner

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