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Field Name Module Translation

Rubens Cury

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I'm looking for a way to translate my module fieldnames in order to allow to update them from the regular BO Translation tools.


The PS DOC says only the /classes/* files are available for. May I conclude that it's impossible for a module?




Field names translation

The following folder is parsed:

  • /classes/ and all of its sub-folders.

The string are those returned by the getValidationRules() method from ObjectModule for each class.

All the field names translations are stored in the following file, with iso_code being the ISO 3166-1 code (http://www.iso.org/iso/country_codes.htm) for the language of the translated strings (de, fr, en, it, es, etc.):

  • /translations/iso_code/fields.php

The translations are stored in a PHP array, named $_FIELDS, and take the following form:

  • $_FIELDS['Address_2df2ca5cf808744c2977e4073f6b59c8'] = 'Téléphone mobile';

The identification key is built by combining the name of the class from which the string comes, an underscore, and the MD5 hash of the string itself.



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Anybody Please explain how to do module templates translation. In my module, I have used the {l s="text_to_translate" mod="mymodule"} format.

Then through admin, localizattion->translation->modify translation ,
I have selected 'installed module translation' and the language into which to be translate. But I can't see the texts to be translated under mymodule. What's wrong with this?Do I missed anything?Plz help
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Hi Electriz,


Thank you for your reply, however, I'm not looking for a way to translate my inputs texts module but the TABLE FIELDS (firstname > Translated firstname) in order to display translated and friendly validation errors messages. Please, check the FIELD NAME TRANSLATIONS to see what kind of things I'm trying to translate.



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Ok, so I guess you try to do it in .tpl file in front office.


Let's make an example for email field.


You can use {$smarty.post.email} to retrieve a POST value and if it does not match validation, display a message.


For example, if email is empty.

{if isset($smarty.post.email)}
{l s='Please type something in' mod='mymodule'} {l s='email' mod='mymodule'} {l s='field' mod='mymodule'}

And you can do the same for another fields.

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Indeed, I'm developing a BO Module.


My solution was handle by the postProcess controller method each required field and display my custom message for them. For all the others not handled fields I decided to keep displaying the Prestashop core's auto translated - by default - error messages.


Doing that, the only problem I would still have is display the TABLE FIELD NAME instead of a custom field name, once users don't have to know the exactly table field meaning.


Thank you

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