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Produt page image container size.


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Hi Folks


Reaching out for some help... 

I really need to change the container sizes in the product page as my products are all of the dimensions 1500 x 1000.

As the default containers have square dimensions.. ie. 500 x 500 when I upload my product images I'm left with a horrible white space around my large and thickbox pictures.


Ive tried everything and cant seen to nail it down. In my latest attempt I edited the product.css file where I added 365px as the width of the container.. after that my images large and zoom looked perfect..! HOWEVER, as I expected there was a knock on effect,  when the page is re-sized to certain dimensions the center block sits on top of the image block instead of falling below.. this would be tablet portrait size... the first two images are looking exactly like I want them, but on the last image you can see how my changing the container width has caused issues.


If anyone can help me with this I would be very grateful!


URL http://www.lenceriaecuador.com/index.php?id_product=13&controller=product




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I don´t know if these is going to work for you but i did these one time



The problem come from the picture size then


1) I went to the backoffice then I created my custom size (You can edit the same if you dont want edit code)


2) After that you go to the product.tpl change the link from image


3) Regenerate images



With these the size of the image come with the value you need and is easy to fix on the container

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