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Issue with Product Pack - Not Showing more then 1 product from the pack

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Hi every one,


I have an issue with a product pack. 


I create the pack to include 2 products at a specific price and shipping weight.. when done on the product page in the front office I can see that it says "product price x  instead of x" so i see that it correctly sees my 2 products BUT it will not show them under "pack contect", it will always only show 1 product in that box...




this is the link to the product in question, i checked the php database and it does show 2 products in this pack.


I also applied a fix i found 




looking around but that does not help, not sure what to do. help :)


***** latest edit*****


I created a issue and a dev suggested a fix that does seam to work, see issue in bug tracker:


http://forge.prestashop.com/browse/PSCSX-5339 (check comments for both items to fix the issue). 



** EDIT with more info: version is (maybe upgraded from 

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