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i've a problem can anybody help me..?


i want to add some hook in modules prestashop..

but after the update, the hook that I make is lost,  help me how to create a hook to keep it there when the module in the update..




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 Hi evi,


public function install()
        return parent::install() && $this->registerHook('header') && $this->registerHook('displayAdminOrder') ;


public function hookHeader()// This is your hook
        add your function

return $this->display(__FILE__, 'your.tpl');

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You have custom hook that is needed to be added manually in tpl file ?


I saw few different ways that developers deal with that problem.


Some create backup of original file and then replace tpl with file that contains custom hook.

But that works for default theme only so other solution is to have  check in modules back office.

That will see if specific code is there in tpl file and warn user to add code manually with detailed instructions.


Where you need that hook, maybe is possible to use some existing ?

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