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Adding value to custom feature of products.


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I am using class Product to import products in my website, but i need some help with this, as long as I am pretty new to Prestashop. The problem is that i can't find how to set value to custom feature of the products. For example: I have custom feature called "phone" how can I set value to this feature using class Product?

Here is a part of my code:

$product->name = array((int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT') =>  "$title");;
$product->link_rewrite = array((int)Configuration::get('PS_LANG_DEFAULT') =>  "$title_rewrite");
$product->redirect_type = '404';
$product->price = $price;
$product->quantity = 1;
$product->minimal_quantity = 1;
$product->show_price = 1;
$product->on_sale = 0;
$product->online_only = 1;
$product->meta_keywords =$keywords;
$product->id_category_default = 2;

Thanks in advance!

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I solved this writing my own method in the product class. Here it is : 

public function setFeatureProduct($id_feature,$id_product,$id_feature_value,$value) {
$row = array('id_feature' => (int)($id_feature), 'id_product' => (int)$id_product,'id_feature_value'=>(int)$id_feature_value);
Db::getInstance()->autoExecute(_DB_PREFIX_.'feature_product', $row, 'INSERT');
$row = array('id_feature_value' => (int)$id_feature_value,'id_feature'=>(int)$id_feature, 'custom' => 1);
Db::getInstance()->autoExecute(_DB_PREFIX_.'feature_value', $row, 'INSERT');
$row = array('id_feature_value' => (int)$id_feature_value, 'id_lang' => 6,'value'=>$value);
Db::getInstance()->autoExecute(_DB_PREFIX_.'feature_value_lang', $row, 'INSERT');
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