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一、我修改了prestashop 默认的 editorial 模块重新命名为:peditorial.php,

①function install()
if (!parent::install())
return false;
return $this->registerHook('myPage');

② function hookmyPage($params){ ..... }


'HOOK_HEADER' => Module::hookExec('header'),
'HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN' => Module::hookExec('leftColumn'),
'HOOK_MYPAGE' => Module::hookExec('myPage'),
'HOOK_TOP' => Module::hookExec('top'),
'static_token' => Tools::getToken(false),
'token' => Tools::getToken(),
'priceDisplayPrecision' => _PS_PRICE_DISPLAY_PRECISION_,
'content_only' => intval(Tools::getValue('content_only'))



三、自定义的页面: productsss.tpl 内容如下:

{include file=$tpl_dir./breadcrumb.tpl}
<!-- Left -->



四、然后运行相关的页面, 无法显示{$HOOK_myPage} 的内容,{$HOOK_LEFT_COLUMN}显示正常


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